Pack Science SIC Silicon Carbide Enail Dish


Pack Science SIC Silicon Carbide Enail Dish

Made from extremely high purity, sintered silicon carbide and painstakingly polished, cleaned, and inspected, these are made to last.

Key points:
Extremely resistant to chemicals and heat- they hold up perfectly to years of heavy use without wear.
Extremely nonstick- makes them easy to clean.
Highly conductive and high thermal capacity- very even heating across the dish

Flavor: This is a complex subject.
Silicon Carbide is extremely inert and will not contaminate the flavor of your oil.
Beyond that is where the real magic comes into play- the low surface adhesion and high conductivity both serve to allow the rapid spreading and vaporization of material.
This nail allows for virtually unmatched ability to vaporize and deliver a wide range of compounds with minimal degradation.
In short, the dish delivers the full flavor of your oil better than anything we have been able to deem safe for these purposes short of perhaps sapphire!

SIC Dish:

Size Diameter: 28mm

(please note that the dish only fits on a 10mm flat coil and nail setup) 


10mm Flat Enail:

Titanium Material

Nail Joint Fits: 10mm, 14mm, 18mm Male & Female Glass Rig Joints


10mm Flat Heating Coil:


Pin1: Thermocouple-
Pin 2 Thermocouple+
Pin 3 : Ground
Pin 4 Load 1(positive)
Pin 5 Load 2(positive)

Heating coil fits all of the enail controllers we sell except the Crossing and Pack Science brands. If you need one of those coils instead, please just leave an order note at checkout. 


Titanium Carb Cap



-29mm Titanium Carb Cap


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