Portable E-Nail C-Pen Wax-W62 Kit

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Portable CPen Nail Wax-W62 Kit

*Choice of 1.0 or 2.0 Glass Mouth Piece*

This is a top pick E-rig for 2019. It is small, exquisite, and easy to use on the go.
An internal high powered battery provides the CPen Nail with precise temperature control, which can reach 710 degrees in a few seconds and produce huge vapor. Better yet, it is equipped with a micro USB charger and easy to replace nails. The glass adapter provides water filtration if needed. Get your concentrates ready for a fantastic and extraordinary experience!
Kit Includes:
1x Cpen Nail/1150mAh Li-Ion Battery
1x Magnetic Stainless Steel Carb Cap with removable Ceramic Dab Tool
1x Quartz Nail
1x Ceramic Nail
1x Titanium Nail
1x Glass pipe attachment
1x USB Cable Charger
1x User Manual
Product name CPENAIL
Used for                            Wax/concentrate oil/shatter
Material of body Aluminum alloy + Rubber coating
Whole size L106mm * D22mm
Net weight 100g
Heating element Ceramic/Quartz/Titanium chamber
Resistance of heater 0.25~0.4Ω
Battery capacity 1100mAh
Charging voltage DC 5V
Output voltage 3.3-4.2V
Output power 30~60W(power = square of voltage/resistance)
Output current 10-15A(current = voltage/resistance)
Quiescent current <5ua<>
Charging duration about 60 minutes


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Excellent little device, hits hard and is the easiest thing in the world to use. The quartz attachment is a bit less responsive than the titanium, but holy shit the flavor makes up for it! I’ve been using for going on two weeks now and it still hits like day one, just keep the cup clean and get after it. Will purchase again!

Newbie blues

I’m learning how to use this , so know that it’s a new thing for me !

Right on

Works like a champ

Nice product needs a few adjustments

Needs different power adjustments

Awesome portable dab rig

This is an amazingly easy to use portable dab rig that’s as good as my full size rig at home.