Dark Crystal Rig/Nail Glass Cleaner


Cleaner doesn’t have to mean toxic or chemical. It can simply mean…cleaner.
DC Bottle Sizes:
30ml (2x bottles)
250ml (1x bottle)
710ml (1x bottle)
After extensive research and development, Dark Crystal Glass Inc. is proud to offer you CLEAR a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, unscented cleaning solution for surfaces such as acrylic, porcelain, metal, cotton wick, glass and specialty glasses like quartz, and synthetic ruby and sapphire .
A cleaning product so safe, yet so powerful. By simply soaking the surface in the solution it removes stubborn stains and rinses free leaving no toxic residue. A truly natural alternative. We like that.
Since the beginning of specialized surface cleaners, options have generally consisted of chemical based solutions. Today some cleaners claim to be “eco-friendly” and “all natural” but still have harmful ingredients. Why? We take great pride in what goes in to each and every one of our solutions and list all of their ingredients on each and every bottle we produce. We feel good about that, and so should you.
Mother nature is one of the strongest forces on Earth. We just happen to bottle it!


Safe for acrylic, glass, quartz, ceramic, and non painted metals.

Non-chlorinated Water, Karanja oil, Processed Coconut Extract, Processed Kelp Extract, and Processed Extract of Sugar Cane.

Customer Reviews

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Tahina Vasquez
Very pleased

These are my favorite this far



George Ciobotaru
Dark Crystal Rig/Nail Glass Cleaner

This stuff works exactly like in the YouYube video. Cleans your Dab Glassware magically. I will never use anything else.

Gavin Kessler

Dark Crystal Rig/Nail Glass Cleaner

Joshua Fertig

Warm it up for 90 seconds in the nuke, poor, soak, re bottle because you can reuse it over and over, rinse and smoke!