Greenlightvapes G9 Mini Henail Kit 2.0

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Greenlightvapes G9 Mini H-enail Kit 2.0

Greenlightvapes G9 Mini H-enail Kit 2.0

TThe G9 Mini Henail 2.0 is a smaller version of our classic H-enail. No coil, power cable, torch, or butane is necessary to dab.
The Mini Henail is a portable, rechargeable, battery powered dabbing device, featuring a ceramic heating base and 3 temperature settings. Each Mini Henail includes a titanium, ceramic, and quartz nail to give you optimal flavor each time.

Battery capacity: 18500/1500mAh
Charging port: 2 mm round USB port
Charging time:2 hours number of heating cycles on complete charge.

Kit Includes:
1*G9 Mini H-enail with non-removable lithium battery.
1*Glass pipe attachment.
1*Magnetic stainless steel dabber/carb cap.
1*Replacement ceramic nail.
1*Replacement quartz nail.
1*2.0 Round USB charger.
1*Mini H-enail manual.
1*Warranty service card.
1*Cardboard gift box.

Key Features:
- Interchangeable Ceramic Base
- Three Different XL Nails
- 3 Temperature Settings
- Long Lasting 1500mAh Battery
- Small & Portable

Greenlightvapes G9 Mini H-enail Kit 2.0 on mans pocket


1. How hot does the dish get?
The dish can heat up to 980°F on the max setting, and reaches the target temperature in under 30 seconds.

2. How many uses can the H-enail handle off a single charge?
The H-enail can handle 45-50 hits off a full charge.

3. Can you set temperatures?
Yes, H-enail can be put on 3 different heating temperatures.

4. How long does it take to charge?
It can take about 2 hours for a full battery charge.

5. Can I replace the heating dish?
Yes, all the nails are replaceable

6. How long is the warranty and what does it cover?
90 day warranty on all electrical components.

7. What happens if the glass breaks?
Our warranty only covers electrical components.

8. What do I do if the holes get clogged in the glass?
You can run it under warm water/soak glass in alcohol and the holes will unclog



The Greenlightvapes G9 Mini He-nail Kit is a superior product and a smaller version of a classic H-e-nail. This model is portable, rechargeable, and battery powered – a dabbing device designed for your convenience and life on the go. You don’t need a coil, power cable, torch, or butane in order to get your dab on. The G9 Mini has a ceramic heating base and quartz nail, not to mention 3 temperature settings for ultimate control. Each Mini He-nail includes a titanium, ceramic, and quartz nail which yields optimal flavor every time you use it. Users can enjoy 2 hours on one complete charge.

Customer Reviews

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Johnathan Stevens
Fractured but Whole

Overall the G9 does what it sets out to do and that is get you stoned like a gravel road. Portable and affordable, it sets you on a journey to comfortably numb. The staff made quick responses to problems that occurred during shipping and shipped out the replacement pieces asap. If your journey leads you to the G9 I would recommend that you keep your charger handy if you like to socialize(battery is small) but it's share size like M&M's so u can pass around pretty easy. Just watch out for the top because it is getting pretty toasty.
Suitable for Beginners who are just starting but might be to plain and boring for rock stars of the night.

Joseph Neely

Greenlightvapes G9 Mini Henail Kit 2.0

David Clevenger

Greenlightvapes G9 Mini Henail Kit 2.0

bryan creed
Best vape to date...

works great simple to use would recommend to anyone and would purchase again

Aaron Jones
Good for a day

Used it for a couple days and the heating element went out. But was great when it worked