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Greenlightvapes G9 Mini H-enail Kit 2.0

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Greenlightvapes G9 Mini H-enail Kit 2.0

The G9 Mini H-enail 2.0 is a smaller version of our classic H-enail.
No coil, power cable, torch, or butane is necessary to dab.
The Mini H-enail is a portable,rechargeable,battery powered dabbing device,
featuring a ceramic heating base and 3 temperature settings.
Each Mini H-enail includes a titanium,ceramic,and quartz nail to give you optimal flavor each time.
Glass fittings:Silicone rings
Battery capacity: 18500/1500mAh
Charging port: 2 mm round USB port
Charging time:2 hours number of heating cycles on complete charge.

Kit Includes:
1*G9 Mini H-enail with non-removable lithium battery.
1*Glass pipe attachment.
1*Magnetic stainless steel dabber/carb cap.
1*Replacement ceramic nail.
1*Replacement quartz nail.
1*2.0 Round USB charger.
1*Mini H-enail manual.
1*Warranty service card.
1*Cardboard gift box.

Key Features:

- Interchangeable Ceramic Base
- Three Different XL Nails 
- 3 Temperature Settings
- Long Lasting 1500mAh Battery
- Small & Portable

1. How hot does the dish get?
The dish can heat up to 980°F on the max setting, and reaches the target temperature in under 30 seconds.
2. How many uses can the H-enail handle off a single charge?
The H-enail can handle 45-50 hits off a full charge.
3. Can you set temperatures?
Yes, H-enail can be put on 3 different heating temperatures.
4. How long does it take to charge?
It can take about 2 hours for a full battery charge.
5. Can I replace the heating dish?
Yes, all the nails are replaceable
6. How long is the warranty and what does it cover?
90 day warranty on all electrical components. 
7. What happens if the glass breaks?
Our warranty only covers electrical components.
8. What do I do if the holes get clogged in the glass?
You can run it under warm water/soak glass in alcohol and the holes will unclog

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