Greenlightvapes G9 Mini H-enail Kit 2.0

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Greenlightvapes G9 Mini H-Enail 2.0 Kit

The G9 Mini H-enail 2.0 is a smaller version of our classic H-enail.

No coil,power cable,torch,or butane is necessary to dab.

The Mini H-enail is a portable,rechargeable,battery powered dabbing device,

featuring a ceramic heating base and 3 temperature settings.

Each Mini H-enail includes a titanium,ceramic,and quartz nail to give you optimal flavor each time.

Glass fittings:Silicone rings
Battery capacity: 18500/1500mAh
Charging port: 2 mm round USB port
Charging time:2 hours number of heating cycles on complete charge.

Kit Includes:

1*G9 Mini Henail with non-removable lithiumion battery.

1*Glass pipe attachment.

1*Magnetic stainless steel dabber/carb cap.

1*Replacement ceramic nail.

1*Replacement quartz nail.

1*2.0 Round USB charger.

1*Mini Henail manual.

1*Warranty service card.

1*Cardboard gift box.

Key Features:
- Interchangeable Ceramic Base
- Three Different XL Nails 
- 3 Temperature Settings
- Long Lasting 1500mAh Battery
- Small & Portable


1. How hot does the dish get?
The dish can heat up to 980°F on the max setting, and reaches the target temperature in under 30 seconds.
2. How many uses can the Henail handle off a single charge?
The Henail can handle 45-50 hits off a full charge.
3. Can you set temperatures?
Yes, Henail can be put on 3 different heating temperatures.
4. How long does it take to charge?
It can take about 2 hours for a full battery charge.
5. Can I replace the heating dish?
Yes, all the nails are repalceable
6. How long is the warranty and what does it cover?
1-year warranty on all electrical components. 
7. What happens if the glass breaks?
Our warranty only covers electrical components.
8. What do I do if the holes get clogged in the glass?
You can run it under warm water/soak glass in alcohol and the holes will unclog

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I love it

It's very easy and convenient I love it

Great product

This product is wonderful. It fits my G9 mini H enail. Very fast shipping. Definitely worth getting if your looking for replacement glass.



Bad ass enail

This thing rips I fuck with it no cap the brand that makes it sells it for 130 and I got it from y’all for way cheaper I fuck with y’all discountenail