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Imini Concealable 510 Cartridge Flip Key Battery

Regular price $19.99

Imini Concealable 510 Cartridge Flip Key Battery


Color Choice: Black,Blue,Red



-Innovative mod box design

-Discrete all-in-one device designed for wax and thick oils

-Micro USB charging port, easy and convenient to get charged

Fits any 510 cartridge .5ml or 1ml




1.small size(89*34*19mm ) foldable cartridge base ,high portability

2. 650mah battery capacity ,long battery life

3. Power: 15W

4. 2.4V\3.2V/4.2V three kinds of adjustable voltage ,can be adjusted according to individual needs

5. Protection: short circuit / overcharge/overtime

6.Button led light indication: 2.4V green  light, 3.2V blue light, 4.2V red light , Preheating Mix light


7.Five clicks on/off

8.Three clicks change voltage

9.Two clicks to preheat

*Does not include Cartridge*