MINX 1880mAh Portable Enail Kit

Color: Black

MINX 1880mAh Portable Enail Kit

1. Small, portable, non combustion wax enail starter kit.
2. 500-600°F accurate temperature control, and memory function.
3. Ceramic heating chamber offers quick heating time and Isolated airflow tech offers smooth airflow.
4. Metal body, ceramic chamber, Food-Grade glass mouthpiece and glass cup.
5. Fully baked-big vapor
6. Original design and originally produced patented non combustion technology
7. Battery: 18350*2;  940 mAh*2
8. Charging:1.5-2.5 hour/micro USB charge port
9. Material: Food-Grade Glass, Ceramic, Aluminum alloy

1. Turn On/ Off
Press the power button 5 times continuously to turn on/off the device.
The bottom LED will flash 5 times in white light when it's turned on.
And the bottom LED will flash 5 times in red light when it's turned off.
It will have a temperature memory function(It will be at the temperature you set last time when you turn on the device again).

2. The power button LED lights indicate different battery levels:
four grid-100%
three grid-75%
two grid-50%
one grid-25%
The LED will flash while charging. All four grid LED will be lighten on when full charged.

3. Sesh Mode:
After turning on device, please keep pressing on button 3 seconds, then active the function.
The sesh-mode will work 35 seconds.
The first 5 seconds is pre-heating time, the LED ligth at bottom will flash.
The rest 30 seconds is heating elements, the LED light at bottom will stay light.

You may press button 3 times continously in 2 seconds to switch temperatures in sesh-mode function.
If you switch, the sesh-mode function will restart the 35 seconds.
Bottom led Green: 3.2V   500°F
Bottom led Blue:    3.4V   550°F
Bottom led Purple: 3.6V   600°F


To charting MINX, simply insert USB cable to MINX charging port and connect the adapter.
When connected to a charging port,  the LED at bottom will flash, and will turn to solid when it is fully charged.


1. Abnormal prompt: Bottom LED flash 8 times with red light indicates short circuited.
2. Power button flash 10 times indicates low power and need to be charged.

3. The MINX will be turned off automatically if without any operation in 10 minutes.


1. Minx Body x 1pc
2. Glass Mouthpiece x 1pc
3. Glass Cup x 1pc
4. Glass Intake tube x 1pc
5. Ceramic Atomizers x 2pc
6. USB Line x 1pc
7. DAB Tool x 1pc
8. Cotton Swab x 5pc
9. Manual x 1pc

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