Fancier Space Collection Enail Controller Kit

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Fancier Space Collection Enail Controller Kit

Space Collection Choices:

Northern Lights| Galaxy

Nail Options:

Nail Choice: Titanium, Quartz Hybrid, Quartz Banger, Straight Quartz Nail

(choose one above)

The PID Enail controller box controls the hot runner heating coil. The controller will heat from room temperature to 710 degrees in 3-4 minutes. Temperature Range is 0-999 Degrees.
The coil is rated at 100W under 110VAC. It is a barrel shaped coil with 19.8mm inner diameter size and 20mm outer size. The heating coil is 59 inches in length with a black and yellow fire retardant sheath.
Please refer to the included user manual before operating.

The quartz nail bottoms are 14/18mm male rig joints. The kit comes with a 14/18mm female adapter. This makes both quartz nails a 4 in 1 fitment, which will fit most all rigs male and female.
The titanium nail bottoms are reversible for a 6 in 1 male and female 10mm/14mm/18mm rig joint fitment.
They fit most all rigs!

Kit Includes:

1x PID Temperature Controller Box
1x Heating Coil (choose size above)
1x Power Cable
1x Nail (choose nail above)
1x Carb Cap (matches nail choice)
1x 14/18mm Female Adapter (only for the quartz choice)
1x Black Carbon Fiber Design Case
1x Grade 2 Titanium Dab Tool
1x Dab Mat

2x Silicon Jars (random color)

1x User Manual


Fancier Enail Specifications:

Voltage: AC110V -240V 50-60HZ
Temperature Range: Room Temperature~999 Degrees °F
Temperature stability: Approximately 5°F-7°F
Coil Shape: Barrel (Spiral) 
Length of coil: 1.5 Meter (5ft) Kevlar Fireproof Sheath
Thermocouple Type: “K” type
PID Dimension/unit: 3.5 x 1.5 x 5.0 inch (93x37x129mm)

1 Year Warranty on Controller Box | 90 Days on Heating Coil

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Robert Lindsey
    Works good not much to complain about.

    Only problem iv had is the temp buttons are slow to change temp but after you have held it down it speeds up. And it speeding up sounds good but it is waaaay to fast, like 200 degrees a second. So you either change temp at a snails pace or you speed past the temp you actually want and have to backtrack.

    Charles Draper
    Decent kit

    Decent kit, didn’t really wanna smoke up at first but after some breaking in its working great

    Michael Van Leuven
    Love it

    They was the fastest I ever ordered from from, shipping it out to delivery I think not even 4 days and gets used daily love it ty bless

    Excellent product!

    LOVE my new dab rig set-up!!! One question: what is the proper/recommended way to keep this baby clean? I had an incident where it fell and burned some carpet...need to get that material & glue removed without damaging the coil & nail, ideally!
    I don't believe mine came with a user manual, so that would be quite helpful right now!!

    Michelle Pollock
    Getting your money's worth

    good product for the price. But you get what you pay for. Can't move it to you when you smoke. Need to leave it where it is otherwise the temp drops quickly or it shuts off. Coil doesn't quite fit in the nail little loose, gonna see if a washer will fix it? Beautiful design great size. Can't find a nice temperature without excessive burnoff. But overall great piece and happy with this being my first enail purchase. Will definitely be putting more money onto the next one and get one where I can move the piece.