Pack Science 25mm/30mm Axial Style Clear Joint Quartz Banger Enail

Coil/Nail Diameter
Joint Size
Joint Type

Pack Science 25mm/30mm Axial Style Clear Joint Quartz Banger Enail

-Made for the axial style heating coil-
(It will also fit on a 10mm flat heating coil)


1x Quartz Banger Nail
1x Metal Pin (to secure to coil)


Coil/Nail Diameter Sizes: 25mm, 30mm
Rig Joint Sizes: 10mm, 14mm, 18mm
Rig Joint Types: Male, Female Clear Joint



NOTE: Axial Coil is sold separately here:

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Quality Banger!

Definitely one of the better quality budget r-clip/cotter buckets out there. Super easy to clean, great durability, the price is fair and the shipping is far quicker than I imagined. Customer service is beyond superb and was extremely helpful and friendly with all of my inquiries! 11/10 will buy again!

Stephan Lammers
Nice work's great for party banger

Nice job keep it up fits really good on the banger

Works great

I bought 2. One is absolutely perfect and one has a slightly looser tolerance where the pin holds the coil, making it move more when cleaning. A very thin shim took care of it. I’m overall very satisfied with the product and the smooth transaction

Douglas Chappell

Fancier 25mm/30mm Axial Style Quartz Banger Enail

Good setup

I bought the 25mm axial coil and banger both because I built the controller. Banger has a thick 4mm bottom and is well made. The coil is a little loose but it still works like it should. they were good quality and all, I still hadn't figured out a good temp when it got knocked off my table and broke the banger so now I gotta get a new one.