Straight Quartz Enail 14/18mm Kit

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Works as advertised

The width is perfect for a 20mm barrel e-nail, but it was a bit short for my "Bee-nail" coil. It works for the most part but the carb cap would get a better seal if the dish were a bit taller. Still giving a 5-star review because the product is certainly "as-advertised" and seems to be of good quality otherwise. Purchasing process was seamless and REALLY fast (even during the holidays). Would recommend this website to others.

Quartz nail 14/18

Always quality products and great customer service!

Love it but has an issue

Now the dishes are great no problem..
But the straight Quartz Nail has a issue. Anyway when the nail is washed or collects humidity were the bubble meets the glazed connection water will leak into in between the glass an the glaze part I washed my nail two days ago and still have water inside even after much shaking and blowing of air it is still there. I found this out because it blow my Quartz nail apart....
Now I know that my thought on this product is a little old but I am not one to write a review before I really try what I have. I am a daily smoker of my medical cannabis and concentrates and I am not looking for a free thing, but I do want people to be aware of this, to spend the kind of money we spend and have a great piece blow apart suuuucks. So please make sure.... But all in all the nail is the way to go I love it and a big thank you to Discount Enails. I will continue to order from them. Thank you for your time an reading this... FOLLOW UP From Discount Enails.
We are glad you like the products you ordered for the most part. As for the straight quartz nail, I will send you a replacement right now. FROM ME, WOW WOW WOW.. You guys and girls are amazing I never expected this I want to thank you very much. And as I said I will continue to shop with you not only because of your great prices and products but your excellent customer service. I will check those other quartz nails out,( sorry I'm partial to the 420 glass cleaner). Again Thank you so much...

Pretty good, hard to clean

Qtip does not fit in it making it a royal pain in the A$$ to maintain, explicitly since you should swab after every dab... Produces a good dab tho.... Would be fire if it was easier to clean

Didnt think it could get any better

Once I had my hybrid nail I thought it couldn't get any better but I was wrong once I got my hands on this, also got the double dragon knot quartz banger as well, the regular banger is nice for big hits like for multiple people but the dragon knot makes your dab last waaaaaayyyyy longer than you would expect and no matter how long you leave the cap on it never tastes burnt like it does when using the other nails.