Pack Science Smell Proof Carbon Lined Locking Stash Bag

Color: Black

Pack Science Smell Proof Carbon Lined Locking Bag

Easy combination lock, instructions to set lock number included, combo lock is built in to lock both zippers.

Smell proof zipper with mesh activated carbon fiber, to absorb odor and contain smells in order for easy travel and transport. Further, the bag is constructed with carbon technology for preserving all types of goods you store inside.

A small inner bag+large backpack equals better smell proof effect with double activated carbon material
The bag has a carbon-lined material made of high quality fabric with an activated charcoal lining.
The bags offer multiple layers of protection that effectively absorb even the strongest of smells!

Dimensions: 8x6x3"

(Please note: Does not include black plastic bags in the some of the photos)

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Great construction

Just what I was looking for.