Pack Science Quartz Banger Enail

Joint Type
Joint Size
Coil Size

Pack Science Quartz Banger Enail
-28mm bucket length 
-2mm thick walls 
-Hook/arm to hold coil 
-frosted joint for an excellent seal 
Nail Coil Size Choices: 
(Outer diameter) 
-15.8mm to fit 16mm coils 
-19.8mm to fit 20mm coils 
-24mm to fit 24mm and 25mm coils (a little loose on a 25mm coil but works fine) 
-24.8mm to fit 25mm coils 
Bottom rig joint size options: 
10mm,14mm,18mm male or female 
(choose all options above) 
If you want the dankest flavor from your concentrates, the Pack Science Quartz Banger E-nail is the choice for you. This Quartz Banger E-nail features a carb cap that will help you achieve flavorful and efficient dabbing. The Pack Science Quartz Banger E-Nail features 28mm bucket length, 2mm thick walls, and a hook/arm to hold coil. Quartz will always give you the best flavor when it comes to your concentrates and the frosted joint offers an excellent seal – so your material will never to go waste. Browse our quality quartz bangers that are sure to fit a variety of dab rigs.

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Conagher Lyman
Good product

Works great

All my products were amazing

Thank you so much!! Great quality products.

Fuller Luich
Shit was so cash

Finally one that fits right

Daniel Belt
works very well

works very well hasnt chazzed yet i have been careful:)

David Peterson

Vapor Time Quartz Banger Nail-16mm/20mm/24mm Coil Size