Quartz Hybrid Enail Replacement Dishes/Bowls

Dish Size

Quartz Hybrid Enail Replacement Dishes/Bowls


Fits on quartz hybrid nails.


Dish/Bowl size:
22mm Quartz
25mm Quartz
25mm Titanium
28mm Quartz
(choose above)


25mm is the size that comes with our current enail kit nails
-Thickness is 1.8mm
-Factory certified quartz and titanium


3x Dishes

Customer Reviews

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Nacole Smith

Quartz Hybrid Enail Replacement Dishes/Bowls

Edwi Carranza

Fast shipping !!!

Ben Mansinne

Quartz Hybrid Enail Replacement Dishes/Bowls

All good

Always dependable and always extra fast delivery

chris higdon
Arrived with a chipped quartz dish

Got an enail, and it arrived with a chipped dish (which shattered when heated) , fortunately I’d ordered a spare which got it up and running.

The temperature of the coil needs to be set quite a bit higher than your desired banger temperature as the readout appears to be the temperature of the coil itself, and reads with an offset of several hundred degrees from the bowl. (If the coil and readout say it’s 830, the temp in the bowl is a bit below 500 (according to an ir thermometer) perfectly stable and linear though, so all good.

Hi Chris, thanks for the review.
We are sorry about the chipped dish and we can send you a replacement today.

Also please not that infrared thermometers are not accurate when measuring quartz and metallic surfaces. They reflect off the shiny surfaces and bounce the infrared beam away from the temperature gun.

The best measuring device would be a temperature probe with a k-type thermocouple (k-type has a wider range of temperature sensing than j-type does) so you can touch different parts of your nail and get an exact reading

The bowl temperature will be lower then the controller display temperature, but not by that much of a difference (you are definitely correct by saying the temperature of the enail is measured inside the coils thermocouple).

Thanks, have a great day!