ADL-7100-A Touch Screen 25mm Quartz Bagner Mini Enail Kit

Color: Black

ADL-7100-A Touch Screen 25mm Quartz Banger Mini Enail Kit

An upgraded touch screen panel, compared with the traditional button version, the screen touch version is easier to operate and looks great! 

Ultra-fast heating efficiency, can reach 710 degrees in a few seconds.

The LCD features a customized PID for more accurate temperature readings with a less temperature fluctuation. Temperature can be set anywhere from 0-1000 Degrees based on preference, even though you can run this thing to almost 1000 degrees, its probably best if you stick around 500-650 degrees for a grade A dabbing experience. The digital display shows set temp and the actual temperature of the coil or heated surface, giving the user that added accuracy needed to achieve that perfect dab every time. Just set this enail to your desired temp and dab on!

LCD PID Controller Box:
Temperature Range: 0°F to 1000°F
Size: 4.7" x 3" x 1.6"
Display: LCD Digital - Set Value and Coil Temp - Touch Screen
Input: 110V - 250V
Coil Connection: 5PIN Female XLR
Pin Set Up: PIN 1: TC+, PIN 2: TC-, PIN 3: Ground, PIN 4: AC, PIN 5: AC

Controller Box Low Energy Usage
Can be Used with 250V 6 Amp Fuse - Fuse Protection
Steady Temperature Control With No Overshoot
Controller Box Contains a PID Microprocessor
Quick Heat Up
ON/OFF Touch Button for Box

Package Includes:
ID Temperature Controller * 1
25mm Quart Banger Nails and Quartz Caps * 1
25mm Heating Coil * 1
silicone wax container * 2

Customer Reviews

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McCaul Considine

Love it works great just wish it had a option to save a temp instead of reverting back to 710 other than that, great product!