Pack Science Diamond Knot Quartz Enail V2

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Pack Science Diamond Knot Quartz Enail V2

The Diamond Knot is a domeless enail designed to maximize flavor. The additional knots or fins provide a larger surface area for your concentrates to vaporize - this enhances flavor while preserving your precious oils. These nails are designed to be used with no carb cap. The Diamond Knot enail is available in both 16mm and 20mm coil options. When arriving on the scene, the design was considered revolutionary... now it has become a classic. The Pack Science V2 Diamond Knot Enail was designed thicker and more durable than most others. 

Nail outer diameter: 19.8mm
Suited for 20mm heating coils
Joint: Male or Female
Joint Size: 14mm, 18mm
Material: Factory Certified Quartz

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Timothy B.
Exactly as described!

I couldn't be happier with my purchases from Discount Enail! Everything arrives quickly, discreetly and on time. The Diamond Knot nail fits my coil perfectly and delivers the goods!

Cole Newville
Great item as described

Item was as described, I would buy again

Robert K
Good but not great

I ordered this looking to take smaller, better tasting dabs than titanium. It does taste better, but the way it melts through doesn't work great for Crystal products such as diamonds or live resin. They want to suck all the way through. Tried Temps from 620°-720° with similar results. Sugars, budders, and shatters work great!

Robert Andrew
Favorite nail

I have ordered this a few times now. I really like these nails. Will more than likely buy more in the future as long as they are available

Brandon Thomas
amazing, my by far favorite enail ive used

no carb cap needed, this diamond stack knot is amazing! they are hard to find, and can be pricy and the price is perfect here, and the shipping super fast and free.. cant beat it, will order again! thank you!