Pack Science Flat Top Terp Slurper Quartz Enail

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Pack Science Flat Top Terp Slurper Quartz Enail

Upgrade practically any enail with the Terp Slurper Enail Kit for the most flavorful dabs while minimizing waste. Terp Slurper Bangers are known for their amazing taste, however efficiency isn't one of its strong-suits. By combining the power and efficiency of an e-nail coil, with the flavor of a terp slurper, has been a game changer for the dab market. 

This banger features an extended quartz rod sticking out from the bottom of the banger to secure the enail coil in place with a metal cotter pin, which reduces the risk of the coil accidentally falling off. The Terp Slurper E-Banger has a beveled top to create a seal when a marble carb cap is placed on top, resulting in redirected airflow through the bottom slits, creating a vacuum effect. It is a fully welded, one piece design, for maximum strength. 


20mm Top Diameter | 30mm Bottom Diameter
2mm Thickness
Fully Welded One Piece Design


Joint Sizes:
10mm | 14mm | 18mm
Male and Female

Heating Coil Fitment:
-30mm 4 Wrap Axial Coil


-10mm Flat Coil


Lab Tested Quartz


1x Terp Slurper Nail
1x Marble Ball Carb Cap
1x Marble Ball Insert
1x Terp Pearl Insert 
1x Metal Nail/Coil Fastener Clip

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Nicholas Powell

Pack Science Flat Top Terp Slurper Quartz Enail

Michael Warren

This nail is actually really nice, once you get used to it. Set it up on your piece, put the marbles in, turn it on to around 540, and wait until it rests at your temperature for about a minute or two and dab away. Don’t pull too hard or it’ll get sucked up past the valve. I got a marble set with a ball and chain and it works perfectly. Cleaning up is the most tedious part but it’s worth it for the flavor and the cool accessories. Lol

Zackary Wilson

Pack Science Flat Top Terp Slurper Quartz Enail

Jeff Laughard
Still unsure!

Not really sure how to use correctly yet! Like the best temp to use it at, I use my 30 mm axial banger at 520 and I just wipe my reg banger with a qtip after each use and that is a lot of trouble with the temp slurped! For now I’m back to my trusty 30mm which I also purchased from you all! I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually but any tips or suggestions would be appreciated. Thx in advance

Big Dazz
Great product and Customer Service

The first package arrived damaged and they quickly resolved the issue with sending out another item the next day. Love the product and will definitely order from them again!