Focus Carta Incycler Glass Bubbler Attachment


Focus Carta Incycler Glass Bubbler Attachment

Take your Carta to another level with this Incycler Attachment. The stock unit is only amazing if you haven't tried one of these. This incycler attachment will take your experience to a whole other level... raising the bar dramatically.

Thick glass construction throughout, this piece keeps water out of your unit and your mouth, while enhancing flavor and the cool factor. The water drains down the middle to the bottom, virtually eliminating the possibility of reaching your mouth while the outer stem is extra long keeping any water from accidentally traveling into your expensive unit. The showerhead percolator makes sure you get lots of bubbles... lots of flavor... with lots of love.


Model Fitment
-Focus V Carta-
Focus V Carta 2


Size: 8"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Do it!

It’s awesome! I'm impressed with the thickness and quality overall.

Great glass

Ordered Focus Carta Incycler Glass Bubbler Attachment, the bubbler was a perfect fit and is smoother than the original glass piece. Very satisfied with the quality especially for the 89 Dollard price tag.

Perfect fit, works great

Was impressed by how well it fits into my Carta 2. Works perfectly, easy to clean. Also, the way it refracts the light is a little cherry on top.

Roger Renville
Perfect attachment for perfect e-rig

My Carta 2 was fantastic right out of the box, except for hotter hits at hotter temps in the short glass. This recycler fixed that. Cool vapor at this user’s temp settings, plenty of volume, zero splash, comfy angle, sturdy. And makes the LED settings pop!

Vince V
Works great

Fits great no water leaks hits fantastic