Pack Science Titanium | Quartz Hybrid Enail Kit

Color: Black
Coil | Nail Size

Pack Science Quartz Hybrid Enail Kit:

When you are looking for a quality enail dab kit, you'll want to add a Titanium 6-in-1 Hybrid Enail Dab to your cart now. These are the bad boys which are just incredible, bringing on those legendary dab hits most dabbers only dream of. Whether you've been dabbling experience for years or just bought your first bit of concentrate yesterday, this is an enail dab rig that's sporting some easy usability you'll appreciate.


Quartz Hybrid Enail:
Made from the finest Grade 2 Titanium, they are durable. And the quartz dish is 25mm in diameter, allowing monster slabs and beastly dabs you won't soon forget. The quartz dish is easily replaceable and you get the heating property benefits of both titanium and quartz. The flavor is all quartz though and heats up the fastest compared to other nail materials! Don't forget your spare quartz dish just in case.


Titanium Enail:

Titanium is fast becoming one of the most widely used materials for nails, bangers and other accessories. That’s because it is incredibly durable.

But that’s not the only thing that Ti, as it is often called, has going for it.

  • Zero risk of damage even if you drop it accidentally. It doesn’t get fractured or dented. The functionality is not affected.
  • Heats faster than ceramic but slower than quartz. So, if you are looking for a middle ground in terms of heating temperature and speed, then here it is.
  • Excellent heat retention. A titanium nail when heated will retain the heat for quite a while. Perfect for long sessions. Reheating happens in just seconds.
  • You can buy size-adjustable titanium nails that can be used with your rig irrespective of its size.


* Auto System Tuning

* Memory of Last Set Temperature

* Earth Leakage Protection

* Automatic Digital Temperature Control

*Medical Grade 2 Titanium Nail
*25mm Quartz Dish
*25mm or 27mm Titanium Carb Cap
*Compatible With Male & Female Joints
*Fits 10mm, 14mm, 18mm Joints


* Aluminium alloy case

* Power: 100W

* Maximum Sheath Temperature: 1400F

* Heating Coil Size: 10mm Flat, 16mm, 20mm

* Voltage: AC 110-220V(50Hz/60Hz)

*1 Year Warranty on Controller Box | 90 Days on Heating Coil


-Enail Controller Box-
-Power Cord-
-Heating Coil-
- Quartz Hybrid Enail Or Titanium Enail-
-25mm Quartz Dish (if applicable)-
-Titanium Carb Cap
-Carbon Fiber Design Zipper Case
-User Manual-
-Dab tool-

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