Flat Top Terp Slurper 4 Wrap 30mm Axial Enail Heating Coil


Flat Top Terp Slurper 4 Wrap 30mm Axial Enail Heating Coil

The 30mm Axial 4 Wrap Heating Coil is designed to fit the Flat Top Terp Slurper Quartz Enail. The 4 wraps on the coil perfectly fit the height of bottom bucket of the terp slurper. This heating coil is different than the regular 30mm axial heating coil because it has less coil wraps. 

Fitment: Terp Slurper Enails

Includes: 1x 30mm 4 Wrap Axial Heating Coil


For: 110v Box - 150w coil
Coil size is the inner diameter in millimeters

See PIN diagram photo for fitment:
Pin1: Thermocouple-
Pin 2 Thermocouple+
Pin 3 : Ground
Pin 4 Power
Pin 5 Power

There are a few different ways other manufacture's wire their E-nail controller boxes/coils. These coils don't work with every brand of E-Nail controller box but can easily be DIY re-wired/soldered.

The coils will fit any E-Nail controller box sold by Discount E-Nails, except the "Crossing" brand E-Nail controllers, Dabpress, and Pack Science. We sell those coils separately. 

-90 day warranty on the coil-

Technical Details:

Brand: Fancier
Coil Inner Diameter: 35mm
5PIN XLR Connection
Coil height: 12.7mm
Item Weight: 3.05 ounces  
Coil tube size: 3*3mm square
Resistance Wire: Nickel chrome
Thermocouple: K-type
Cable length: 51 Inches
Material: Stainless steel
Sheath: Fire Resistant Kevlar

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Easy Setup, Great Quality

This is an easy setup, hits great. Looks great.

Allen McDonough
This is the one. That's all you need to know.

This is the enail. Just get it and be happy. Why