Pack Science Air Tight Vacuum Herb Container


Pack Science Air Tight Vacuum Herb Container

60ml-(3"x1 3/4") (Includes 2x)
120ml-(3"x2 3/8") (Includes 2x)
300ml-(4"x3") (1x)
650ml-(6"x3") (1x)
1350ml-(8"x4 3/8") (1x)
2500ml-(10"x5") (1x)

Included 2-Way 62% Humidity Pack Size:
1.5g, 4g, 8g,
(Depends on jar size ordered)
Humidity Pack is 100% Natural Biodegradable Plant Material

Package Includes:
1x Vacuum Jar(s)
1x Humidity Pack

AIRTIGHT/SMELL PROOF- Vacuum sealed smell proof container lid helps keep smells in and dirt and debris out
AMAZING TRAVEL CONTAINER - fits easily in larger purses and backpacks. Multi-purpose storage for goods.
PATENTED SYSTEM creates a vacuum seal and keeps all dry goods fresher for longer.
NSF - Tested and Certified, FDA Approved – food grade - airtight, moisture free and recyclable
STRONG- Hard plastic exterior keeps contents safe.
CLEANABLE- easily washable to clean fast
UV BLACKOUT PROTECTION keeps the suns harmful UV rays out
STASH your spices, coffee, herbs, ect. easily.
To open simply push the press button on the cap, and pull
the cap off. To close, push the press button, no need to pump,
push cap down onto the body and with this motion the cap volume
of air is eliminated, creating a vacuum seal, it’s that simple!

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