Crossing Cobra E-Nail Coil


Crossing Cobra E-Nail Coil

The Cobra Coil is a game changing technology that is similar to E-Nails with one key difference: the flexible arm that holds its shape and has a coil that is designed to allow the user to easily slide their quartz in and out of the coil when it reaches the desired temperature! You don't have to use metal pin fasteners. Also you can use it with any 25mm or 30mm quartz banger nail. 

This device brings all of the convenience of an E-Nail but without the cords hanging off your piece and the ability to use your favorite bangers!

You are also able to remove the quartz from the coil when you are ready to take a dab. This prevents over heating and chazzing your quartz.  It also makes it much easier to clean in between each dab for the most optimal experience.  

Coil Sizes: 25mm Axial | 30mm Axial

Add on: Matching Size Quartz Banger Nail With 14mm Male Joint

Compatible With:

Crossing Tech
710 Coils,
Disorderly Conduction
EZ Bake,
Yo Dabba Dabba,
Auber RDK300B
LTQ IE-nail
Cannabis Hardware

Coil PIN Wiring:

1- Coil positive
2- Coil negative
3- Thermocouple postive
4- Thermocouple negative
5- Ground

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