Crossing Coil King AIO

Color: Black

Crossing Coil King AIO


The Coil King AIO is a great new dab pen created by Crossing Tech! It is a complete and highly portable device with a dab tool and built-in concentrate storage. This dab pen is your best option if you want a way to enjoy a portable and super stealthy dabbing experience.  For happy dabbers out there, this coil-based dab pen has the best value on the market. Finding one that performs better at the same price point is difficult.


  • Coil King AIO Dab Pen
  • Included Dab Tool
  • Included Storage
  • Pre-installed Quartz Wrapped Dual Clapton Kanthal A1 coil

Product Features

  • Can be used at any angle after initial melt
  • Three Heat Settings (Voltage based)
  • Built in Zirconia Ceramic Dab Tool
  • Ergonomic Zirconia Ceramic Mouthpiece
  • Built in leak-proof silicone lined storage pot
  • Replaceable Silicone storage pot lining
  • Stainless Steel build
  • Stylish Brushed finish
  • Kanthal A1 Dual Clapton Coil wrapped around quartz
  • Excellent battery life – 7 -12 sessions depending on temp, burn off cleaning, concentrate and dab size
  • 1 hour 40 charge – 650mah battery – Gentle battery charging for long life
  • USB-C Charging
  • Compatible with solid and waxy concentrates
  • Leak free design
  • Airflow isolated from battery
  • No dyes, glues or any other nasties.
  • Silicone Lined leak proof storage cap with silicone lining. Just make sure your concentrate is arranged inside the edges of the pot and when you screw it in the silicone lining will seal it shut inside. The Silicone cap and lining are both removable and replaceable.
  • Screw threaded storage, three turns. Magnets were not used as if you accidentally sit down with the pen in your pocket you container can come off, filling with your pocket contents, which has the potential to ruin your day and be an expensive mistake.
  • Lock function – click five times to lock or unlock.
  • Battery level display – lock or unlock the device to display the battery. The lights will flash three times displaying the battery level showing one, two or three LEDs, if it shows only one led you’ll need to charge soon.
  • Three power settings – one light being the lowest, three lights being the highest.
  • 10 second cut out – Session mode was not used as it’s easy to overheat coils and burn your material

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you load the Coil King AIO?

Align the flowers on the cap with the coil so that there is one at each end. Remove the mouthpiece, leave the airflow cap in place, scoop a bit of concentrate, and replace the mouthpiece. The Coil King may be small, but it is an efficient dab pen capable of producing huge vapor clouds. Therefore, you should start with a small amount.

How do you use the Coil King AIO?

It is best to use small amounts of high-quality concentrate with small quantities of waxy residue. Once you load the device, hold the power button and inhale the vapor gently until the battery cuts out. This method is best for true terp chasers. You can also hold the power button and puff gently until the vapor appears.

If you want to enjoy more vapor coming from the device, puff, release the power button, and immediately press the button again to increase the temperature. Be sure to release the power button after around 2-3 seconds before you finish inhalation.

How do you clean the Coil King AIO?

Use isopropyl alcohol to soak the coils overnight. Rinse them with water and blow dry to remove any excess water. Reinstall the coils and perform a burn-off cycle. If you want to clean the device after a session, turn the device to the highest temperature setting, and hold the power button for 10 seconds as you blow into the airflow at the bottom side of the atomizer coil.

What other features does the Coil King AIO have?

There are three power settings on the device, three lights being the highest and one light being the lowest. There is a 10-second cut-out to prevent overheating the coils. Also, there is a leak-proof storage cap lined with silicon which is removable and replaceable.

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