Crossing Core 2.0 RDA V5 Ceramic Coil Atomizer


Crossing Core 2.0 RDA V5 Ceramic Coil Atomizer

When heater housing design and art combines! Meet the new rebuildable coil for the Core 2.0 E-Rig. It also works on the original Core. The dish is made of high quality ceramic with an internal heating element which runs through the base an inside the walls, providing a fully heated diffusing surface.  

-Fully Rebuildable Ceramic Coil and Replaceable Dish
-Directly Heated Ceramic Dish
-Direct Load Dish- No Need For Inserts Unless Desired
-Easy Access for Heater Replacement
-Minimal Contact Between Housing and Heater
-Full Stainless Steel and Ceramic Build
-Copper Screws for Reduced Stress to Coil
-Two Turn Screw Thread
-Bottom and Side Heating
-Larger Vapor and Better Taste
-Faster Warm Up Time
-Easy to Clean


1x 2.0 RDA Heating Atomizer
3x Replacement Ceramic Heater Dishes
2x Ceramic Atomizer Spacers and 2x rings


Ceramic Heater Dish Replacement Instructions:


-Use the hex screwdriver included in your Core 2.0 kit to remove or loosen the gold hex screws.
-Remove the Ceramic Heater Dish and put in a new one
-Place the gold hex screws back in and tighten
-Trim off extra heater wire with a clipper

Please ensure you check the screws that hold the heater legs to make sure they are firmly tightened before use. Do not over-tighten them as you risk cutting the wire heater legs!

The Ceramic heater dishes should last up to 3 months before having to be replaced under normal daily use

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
David Coulter
The best

In all honesty this is the best rig I’ve ever had

Rodney Cantu
5 star

Shit ducking smack like a mfucka especially with rosin

Michael Lidstrom
It’s a must buy for original core

Ive had the original core and the included 3 buckets for about 3 years now. It basically wasn’t hitting good anymore but with this new bucket it is insane! U can use it on the white setting and it produces a nice cloud and doesn’t burn the product at all!! I wasn’t sure if it was gonna work on the og but it does!

Miguel Gelabert
Love it, works great and consistent

Can’t complain. It works great, as long as I maintain. Very reliable .


Cannot get over how well these work. Fantastic value for incredible vape. Thanks discount email too for the fast shipping as always