Crossing Core 2.0 Spinner Carb Cap


Crossing Core 2.0 Spinner Carb Cap

The Core 2.0 spinner carb cap has been designed specifically for use with the Core 2.0 e-rig. However it is also compatible with the Bottomless Bangers for the V5 Micro Diffuser and has replaced the carb caps for the majority of Crossing e-rigs.

Made from Aluminium this carb cap should last a lifetime as it cannot be easily broken. Designed with a shaped handle it's compatible with Carb Cap Tethers.

The Core 2.0 carb cap and carb cap holder also fit the original Core e-rig so you can upgrade your original Core e-rig airflow to be the same as the Core 2.0! If you'd like to do this grab the spinner carb with replacement carb cap holder so your carb is set up at an optimal height from the bucket. Running it with the original carb holder can force concentrate out of the bucket unless you're very careful to inhale gently.


1 x Core 2.0 Spinner Carb Cap
1 x Core 2.0 Spinner Carb Cap + Carb Cap Holder

24mm Outer diameter - Compatible with setups up to 25mm O.D.

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Daleman
Upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0 cap

Absolutely worth the money! So much better than the normal cap it’s insane! Best customer service ever!!

Larry K
Core Crossing 2.0 Spinner Carb Cap

I bought this to replace the glass bubble carb cap, that came with the original Core Crossing E-rig, and it works like a dream, and does not need to be cleaned after every session, while also providing a sufficient amount of airflow, without clogging, so I highly recommend purchasing it !!!

Chase Whealton

Crossing Core 2.0 Spinner Carb Cap

Mark Abshier
Fits my 510mod double beveled banger perfectly

Fits my 510modd bb to t.

Pedro Alvarez

Crossing Core 2.0 Spinner Carb Cap