Crossing Core 2.1 V5 Atomizer


Crossing Core 2.1 V5 Atomizer

The Core 2.1 3D Atomizer is the exchangeable option for the Shenzhen Crossing Core 2 series, and original Core. The atomizer does not need maintenance as it is replaced when it has finished its life cycle. The reason Crossing went for the non-rebuildable option was so that users didn't have to spend the time on dissembling, cleaning, and putting the atomizer back together. The high-quality bucket made of ceramic comes with an internal heating element that runs through the entire atomizer, providing a complete all-around fully heated surface.

-Directly Heated Ceramic Dish
-Direct Load Dish- No Need For Inserts Unless Desired
-Minimal Contact Between Housing and Heater
-Full Stainless Steel and Ceramic Build
-Bottom and Side Heating
-Larger Vapor and Better Taste
-Faster Warm Up Time
-Easy to Clean

1x 2.1 V5 Heating Atomizer

Customer Reviews

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Malcolm Hale

Crossing Core 2.1 V5 Atomizer

Richard Pulsinelli
2.0>2.1, great shipping/service

Arrived quick and safe from Discout E-Nails like always. The atomizer itself is okay. The O-ring or whatever, the white one that is at the bottom of the atomizer with the screw, melted. I think the rebuildable 2.0 atomizer is still much better, stronger hits and it cleans up good in alcohol. I love the crossing core !! discount e nails is the best

Jeremy C

awesome quality atomizer from Crossing just like the rebuildable! Heats up nice and even and super easy to clean and now don't have to worry about the set screws and bucket getting all gunked up like the rebuildable 2.0. I'm keeping the rebuildable as a spare incase the 2.1 randomly fails.

2.1 V5 atomizer

Direct replacement for the original, quicker heat up and easy cleanup. Win Win

Best rig at this $$

Best rig you can get at this price point, this coil seems way better built too