Crossing Core 2.2 3D Atomizer


Crossing Core 2.2 3D Atomizer

The Core 2.2 atomizer has been released into the wild. Crossing has upgraded the design to improve performance and reduce mess. With the top of the 3D atomizer ceramic heater exposed, you can wipe your dab tools clean without getting residue all over the housing.

-Directly Heated Ceramic Dish
-Exposed ceramic heater for less mess
-Direct Load Dish- No Need For Inserts Unless Desired
-Minimal Contact Between Housing and Heater
-Full Stainless Steel and Ceramic Build
-Bottom and Side Heating
-Larger Vapor and Better Taste
-Faster Warm Up Time
-Easy to Clean
-Fits 1.0, 2.0, 2.1 Core

1x 2.2 V5 Heating Atomizer

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jonathan Gelman
Great upgrade to the 1.0

I had the core 1.0 for 2 years. I have been using the 2.2 for two weeks of daily use. I got the flat top matrix glass with my purchase and it blows the 1.0 away. Much more cloud production and I feel like I'm getting more out of each dab. Highly recommend this e-rig

Joshua Gits

This product and the rig is awesome especially the upgraded recycling bubbler. Just need to try the SIC insert and I think we are set.

Jeremy York
New and improved!

Functionally,it's much the same as the previous generation . It may come to TMO a bit quicker,but the real win is the higher wall. So much less splash. Love this little unit.

Tommy Callaway
Better than the original

These work much better than the original ones. The extra little lip on the top makes a world of difference in keeping the rig clean.

Better than the 2.1

It is the exact same as the 2.1 you just have the lip to wipe your dabs off on. Great atomizer