Crossing Core E-Rig Kit

  • $169.99

Customer Reviews

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Micah Boggs
Love it

Its better than the puffco hands down

David Aungst
Nice rig, but I'm a noob. How do I use it best?

Nice. How much does a daily vaper need to put in?

Scott Eckert

So happy to have found a place that has fair prices for rigs! Great turn around time

MacKenzie Loper
The Core is the best e-rig out there

Do yourself a favor and don't waste your money on the more expensive rigs. I legit just sold my Dr dabber switch and didn't care for the puffco, I originally gave my first Core away when I got my Dr dabber and immediately regretted it.

If you want to take your Core to the next level with different coils other than the ones that come with it, buy EZ Sai PLUS coils they do work with The Core. Crossing makes The Core and they make the EZ Sai so it makes sense the coils are interchangeable. But if you do this you need to specifically order the large PLUS coils, not the regular EZ Sai coils, not the EZ Sai TAF coils, the EZ Sai PLUS coils.

You get a lot of vapor from this handheld device, it fits perfectly Into my small hands unlike the big clunky Dr Dabber Switch.

Battery life's long lasting, cleaning is very simple, and overall I just adore it. It's the cheapest rig you can get before you start having the quality decrease significantly.

I have 6 different coils to use in it, I have a green skin that makes the core green instead of grey, and overall this thing has earned my respect after investing hundreds of not thousands to find the perfect e-rig & dab vape. I gave away my first one mistakingly when I got the Switch, the fact ai got rid of the Switch and bought another Core speaks volumes about it.

Love it.

Amazing. I use it everyday it’s one of the best ways to smoke. I honestly love it