Crossing Core 1.0 OG E-Rig Kit


Crossing Core 1.0 OG E-Rig Kit

The Crossing CORE is an ultra-portable, ultra-powerful, e-nail that is compatible with all Sai Plus and Sequoia coils from Crossing Technology.

The CORE has innovation and style with a top glass water bubbler to cool and filter vapor, and your choice of automatic or manual heating modes. Choose between 4 preset heat levels or hold the button to heat the atomizer manually. Crisp LED indicator lights and haptic feedback (vibration notifications) will keep you informed, and the 60 second cycle timer, or manual 15 second cycle timer will keep you and your material safe! The directional airflow carb cap helps control the airflow and allows you to easily move your material around while you're using your CORE, making sure that the material is perfectly, evenly heated, and preventing any waste!

Key Features:

* Quick heating. The Core reaches the highest temp in 13 seconds

* Portable, travel friendly size and shape

* Convenient Travel Casing

* Sai Plus/Sequoia Coil Compatibility

* Water Bubbler for Cool, Filtered Vapor

* Directional Glass Carb Cap for Airflow Control

* 4 Preset Temperatures or Manual Temperature Control

* Automatic Shutoff Timer 60 or 15 Seconds

* Haptic Feedback (vibrations) and LED Indicator Lights

*Large 3150mAh Built In Battery (lasts approximately 30 full sessions)

* USB-C Charging

* Silicone Cover for a Protected Heater Base (Now comes in black instead of silver)

* Single Button Control

Using the Core:

The CORE is powered on by pressing the button 5 times in quick succession. The LED lights will indicate the remaining charge.

(Green for full, White for medium, Blue for low, and Red for very low.)

Heat Settings:

Change the heat setting by pressing the button 3 times. LED lights will then indicate the temperatures.

Blue for Low

Green for medium/low

White for medium/high

Red for High


Quartz Bucket:

Green-575 Degrees / White 425 Degrees

Titanium Bucket

Green-600 Degrees / White 575 Degrees

Triple Titanium Bucket

Blue-750 Degrees / Red 700 Degrees

Once an appropriate temperature has been selected for your coil, you're good to go! Press and hold the button to manually heat the atomizer for up to 15 seconds or press the button twice to start an automatic heating cycle instead. In automatic heating cycles the CORE will preheat and then vibrate when it's ready to use!

Included Items in Core Kit:

* The CORE E-Nail

* Glass Water Bubbler

* Carp Cap with Tether

* Triple Titanium with Black Ceramic Coil (pre-installed)

* Titanium Bucket coil

* Quartz Bucket Coil

* 5 Q-Tips

* 2 Alcohol Pads

* 1 Silicone Storage Container

* 1 Loading Tool

* 1 USB-C Charger

* 2 O-Rings

* 1 Travel Case with Foam

* 1 Protective Black Silicone Cover for Heating Base

* User Manual

How to clean:

- Use cotton swabs to clean the Quartz bucket or Titanium bucket each session. Clean the CORE base and air pathway when maintenance is required.

- Simply soak the whole coil in a cup with ISO and dry the coil before use. The bucket needs to be taken out when cleaning the Quartz Bucket or Titanium Bucket coil.


- Plug the USB-C cable into the charging port and connect to the provided charging brick for fast charge, it requires approximately 1 hour 45 minutes to fully charge.                                                                 

 - Light will flash red while charging and solid red when done.

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Casey Carta

Best unit ever! My first one lasted over four years of punishment! Well worth it

Barbara Achord
Best purchase ever

I absolutely love my crossing core...since purchasing, I have bought the 2.2 3d atomizer, matrix flat top glass, green skin and a custom teether. It is all I use 365 24/7, discount e-nails has been nothing but amazing! I HIGHLY recommend this e-rig!

Mark Eager

The crossing core 1.0 has been nothing short of perfect my first 2 weeks of dabbing.

Brittani Aurand

Great love it!

I love this thing!

The Crossing Core E-Rig has replaced my Puffco Vision as my preferred dabbing experience. It's easy to use, easy to clean, and provides the perfect flavor experience. I am a total noob, and this rig was intuitive from the moment I opened the box. It is also an amazing value...three separate heating chambers? Thumbs up all the way!