Crossing Core Flat Top Matrix Percolator Bubbler


Crossing Core Flat Top Matrix Percolator Bubbler

The Matrix Bubbler for the Core 2.0, 2.1, and Core 1.0 e-rigs provides the smoothest vapor available for these setups. Inside the bubbler there is a Matrix style percolator that provides excellent vapor conditioning and surprisingly free flowing air, with air flow being limited mainly by the Carb cap. Included in the design is an angled mouthpiece that is long enough to comfortably inhale through while loading in your dabs!

We also added one small tweak to this bubbler in the form of additional airflow holes in the base. These holes allow the bubbler to be set in the Core base in three different configurations, depending on whether you load dabs with your left or right hand or prefer holding the rig lengthways! Please see the images for clarity.


-Matrix Percolator internals
-Core 1.0 | Core 2.0 | Core 2.1 E-rig Compatible
-Extended and Angled Mouthpiece
-Two holes in the base for different loading configurations
-Borosilicate Glass
-Approximately 3mm Thick
-Approximately 18cm Tall
-Not compatible with the original carry case

Listing is for Bubbler Only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Larry K
Crossing Core Flat Top Matrix Percolator Bubbler

I recently added the flat top bubbler, and I'm so glad I did, since I can take much larger hits, which are so much smoother than before, even though it rocked originally, but it's turbocharged now !!!


I love the flat top matrix! There was a small learning curve, but it was easily overcome. This glass makes the Core 2.1 rock even harder. Pop this glass on your Core and instantly you'll get more out of every dab. More smoke, more flavor! This is a must have addition to the Crossing Core.

Love it!!

I would highly recommend! Totally worth the extra expense. You will not be sorry. The hits are so much smoother than the standard bubbler, and it is so mesmerizing to watch the smoke swirl!

Richard Pulsinelli
Excellent value

This glass top gives a much smoother hit than the standard top. It is also cooler looking lol the smoke swirls around and its a bigger chamber. Well balanced on top of the battery. Thanks !!

Robert Graham
Must have upgrade

Perfect! Makes the hit 10x better than the standard glass! Sturdy does not topple. Getting the water right is tricky at first. Buy buy buy