Crossing Lightning Pen

Color: Stainless Steel

Crossing Lightning Pen

The Lightning Pen is an extremely fast heating, ceramic micro dab pen designed for use with the full range of concentrates. This is a super portable and stealthy device with a small ceramic cup that is capable of vaporizing the contents in 1-2 heat cycles while producing thick and tasty clouds! It heats up at around the same speed as the Coil King AIO (3 seconds or so), making it one of, if not the fastest heating ceramic dab pen on the market! It's also directly compatible with 14mm Hydrotubes such as the Hubble Bubble... No adapter needed!
Making use of a side heated ceramic heater cup with a black ceramic glaze inside, the Lightning Pen provides a clean and accurate flavor profile from your dabs. Another huge advantage of this setup is the ability to fully and easily clean the heater cup after every session. Conveniently this has been made around the same size as a large q-tip/cotton bud so can be wiped out with ease. When the heater eventually fails there's no need to replace the device as this can be easily replaced with no additional parts required!
Due to the ceramic heater and straight through airflow setup, the Lightning pen provides excellent and accurate flavor. The vapor however is a little hot for some at higher temps, if you find yourself in this category you can grab a V5 Steel Mouthpiece which can be popped directly into the top for additional cooling!


How to use:


Drop a small dab into the bottom of the Lightning cup
We suggest using a heated dab tool such as the Mini Buddy HDT for accurate loading
That's it. You didn't think it would be hard did you!
Alternatively if you're in a pinch with no dab tool, you can heat the cup for just a moment, then use it to scoop concentrate directly from the pot. This method can be a little messy and can also lead to flooding if the dab isn't allowed to melt into the bottom before you inhale... but if you have no other options, this is an option!


After loading the cup replace the cap
Select your heat setting (we suggest low or medium)
Double click the fire button to start session mode (15s) or hold the fire button
Inhale gently from the mouthpiece as soon as you initiate the session, continue to inhale for a couple of seconds after the heat has stopped
Session can be cancelled by re-pressing the fire button once
To re-phrase - do not inhale hard as the Lightning pen cup is very small and will flood, less is more
Allow the device to cool between sessions


When the session is done remove the cap and wipe out the inside of the cup using a q-tip
Repeat if necessary
For deep cleans, while fully charged, the Lightning Pen is capable of performing burn off cycles...
To perform a burn off cycle, set the pen to the high setting and initiate session mode by double clicking. Do this three times back to back to perform a full clean, then allow to cool.
It's recommended to clean and lubricate your o-rings regularly to avoid the cap becoming sticky


Loosen screws
Lift heater cup from base
Be GENTLE Do not use force
Replace the Heater
Tighten Screws!
Do not torch clean ceramic heater or metal base (or any of it!!!)


Lightning Pen
Stainless Steel Dab Tool
Spare Mini Lightning Heater (10mm x 6mm)
4 x Spare Heater Screws
Screwdriver for heater replacement
USB-C Charge Cable
Instruction Booklet
Available in SS or PVD Black


2 Click Session Mode
15 Second Session
3 Heat Settings
14mm Water Tool Compatible
Super Fast Heat Time
900mAh Battery
USB-C Charge Port
5 Minute Shut-off Timer
CE and ROHS Certified
Side Heated Ceramic Cup - A Black Ceramic Glaze has been utilized on the inside of the cup to assist in heat transfer to the unheated bottom section. This creates a more stable temperature across the whole dabbing surface for more consistent results.


Button Function:
5 Clicks - On/Off
3 Clicks - Cycle Heat Settings
2 Clicks - Session Mode
1 Click - Cancel Session mode
Hold Fire - Manual Heating Session


Like most electronic oil vaporizing devices this should be kept away from pets, children, liquids and fire
The heated cup can reach temperatures of around 600f or 315C during session mode, hotter during burn off cycles, so should never be touched until it has cooled fully
As the battery life drops you will need to use higher settings to achieve the same results due to the lack of a voltage booster

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
LP fan
This is now my daily driver

Also got the Hubble Bubble for it. It rips, tastes amazing and is easy to clean with a qtip.

K m
Ride the lightning

This thing is actually pretty good for a quick on the go dab small and powerful easy to use two thumbs up

Brandyn Reindel

Purchased the Lightning Pen and couldn’t be happier. Quick fast shipping, great selection, I’ll be a repeat customer for sure.

Lightning Pen Rocks

I got 2 and I purchased specifically here because I wanted the black color scheme. Works amazing and I am a huge fan of Matt and the wonderful community behind DTV. Discount E Nails hit this out of the park and earned another fan as well. The order was packed correctly, shipped quick, and I loved the stickers and surprise. Thank You. I will be doing business again with Discount Enails as my experience this time was awesome.

8/10 Small dabs, beware of heat

This device is for small dabs and produces large, flavorful hits. The lightning pen gets very hot. I wild highly recommend this device!