Crossing Hubble Bubble Glass 14mm


Crossing Hubble Bubble Glass 14mm

The Hubble Bubble is a glass bubbler developed by Crossing Tech. This bubbler works with the V4 Atomizers, with a suitable adapter. It also works great with your Core 2.0, Core, Mighty or Crafty+, but you will need an adapter.
The Hubble Bubble is very comfortable to use due to its tapered mouthpiece design and is our clear recommendation for all who want to enjoy water-cooled vapor with their portable units.
Tips for handling the water filter:
* IMPORTANT: Before using the water filter with your e-rig for the first time, it should be tested to make sure that no water is leaking!
* To fill the bubbler with water, you can slowly let water run into the mouthpiece opening at the top. The water level is self-regulating. Then the water filter should be dried thoroughly. It is best to let it rest for about 1 hour before use.
* It should be inhaled carefully. Otherwise it can happen that water is also attracted.
* The water can easily be emptied. If water remains, you can blow into the filter and the water is pressed out.
* Cleaning is done with isopropyl alcohol, Spühli or Schmand Weg. To do this, insert the device and rinse it out with clear water. Then let it dry. (TIP: A Ziplock bag is ideal for this. Check the bag for cracks and small holes. Then insert the V-Bubbler and fill in alcohol. You can shake).
* E-rigs have electronics built in. These should never come into contact with water.


The bubbler is compatible with:
* Crossing Core (with adapter)
*Crossing Core 2.0 (with Adapter)
* Mighty (with adapter)
* Crafty+ (with adapter)
* Arizer Solo 1/2 (with adapter)
* Arizer Air 1/2 (with adapter)
* Fenix Pro (with adapter)
* Fenix Mini 1/2 (with adapter)
* Boundless Tera (with adapter)
* Zeus Arc (with adapter)
* Davinci IQ 2 (with adapter)
* Pax 2/3 (with adapter)
* Flowermate V5 Nano (with adapter)
* Storm (with adapter)
The bubbler also fits on many other devices. 
Dimensions and weight:
* 106 grams
* 13 x 3.7 x 3.7 cm
1 x Hubble Bubble

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Great product quick shipping

Glass item came in perfect condition

Jacob Teixeira
Do it. Do it. Do it.

This will have you rumbling bumbling stumbling all over the place ;)