DABPRESS 20mm Titanium Enail Kit

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DABPRESS 20mm Titanium Enail Kit


Consistent Temperature - It only spends a few minutes to reach 699F with a consistent temperature.
Easy Cleaning and Maintenance - The titanium nail is removable and replaceable, easy cleaning and maintenance.
Replaceable Temp Controller - The PID temp controller is pluggable and replaceable, and accurate temperature detected and delivered.


Temperature Range: 0-999F
Power: 180 Watts
Voltage: 110v


Parts List:
-Temperature Control Box
-20mm Titanium Nail
-Titanium Carb Cap
-20mm Heater Coil
-Power Cord
-Spare Fuse


[ 10mm/14mm/18mm ] - The titanium nail is a 6 in 1 fitment. It can fit 10mm,14mm,18mm male and female glass rig joints
[ Medical Grade Titanium ] - 100% titanium-made guarantees the best quality while dabbing.
[ Titanium Carb Cap ]
1 Year warranty on controller box | 90 days on heating coil


How to Use:
Plug the heater coil cable into the temperature control box.
Place the universal base on your glass joint according to its size and fitting.
Plug the power cord into the temperature control box, and turn on the power switch on the front of the box.
Adjust the temperature to your desired setting if needed.
Tip: Lower temperatures will give more flavorful vapor. Higher temperatures will give more dense vapor.


Your Dabpress Tabletop Enail is now ready for use.

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