Diamond Knot Quartz Nail-16mm/20mm Coil Size

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Pure Quartz Diamond Knot Nail For 16mm/20mm Coils
Overall the diamond knot is one of the most efficient nails. The sleek & elegant design can even be used with no carb cap. It Features more heating surface!
Nail Size:
outer diameter- 15.5mm to fit 16mm coils and 19.5mm to fit 20mm coils
Rig joint size options:
10mm,14mm,18mm male or female
(choose all options above)

Customer Reviews

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Excellent quality for the price!

Need more US based suppliers like you! Cost is very fair, and delivery time is outstanding!

Fast delivery!

I purchased this diamond knot nail. Cause the one I had, just like this. Broke. So I went back to using my other nails. But I realized how much flavor was missing. The diamond knot nail is really something else! So every hit without it was kinda disappointing. So I figured it might not be worth it to get it from China again and wait like a month for delivery. Cause I just wanted one back right away. So I was really glad to find this site. It did cost more than China. But I had it in a couple of days only. The guy was super nice. He shipped it out right away cause I told him I need it asap. I had it like 2 days later. It's a great nail. Basically the exact same thing it replaced.
So thanks again guys for coming through with the order really fast. I've been using it daily since I got it. Its working great!

So far so good

Great for the price, but don’t expect jrad quality at this price, otherwise great product and priced right