Electric Nectar Collector - TOKER eStraw


Electric Nectar Collector - TOKER eStraw


This Electric Nectar Collector is designed with a new hollowed coil-less ceramic heating tip. Unlike other products on the market where the coil will be in contact with your contents, the new ceramic tip will distribute heat evenly. No burning and the taste are smoother. More durable.

Also, we made the product easy to clean: All parts exposed to the airflow path are detachable.

Battery life: We’ve changed the output of the voltage. 8 times more uses.

📝 Redefining 710!
Unlike products on the market, surprisingly, there’s no direct contact between coil and contents. Now the heat is perfectly evenly distributed. No burning and the taste are smoother. More durable.

🕒 10 Seconds Heat-up
Less waiting. Compare to the 20-60 seconds heat-up dab rigs or vaporizers. This TOKER eStraw only needs 10 seconds to heat up.

Fast Charging
The battery fully changes in only 1.5 hours.

Automatic Standby
Don’t worry the device keeps heating up when you forget to shut it off. It will be automatic standby.

👍 Convenience!
Things go easier. Just dip and dab!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Why is the device blinking red light?
A: Please check that if the prongs where the heating coil slides in are stuck together. Use some tools to separate them. The issue will be fixed.

Q2: How long does it take to fully charge the battery?
A: Recharging take about an hour and a half

Q3: How is the battery life of the device?
A: 16 dabs

Q4: What is the heat-up duration?
A: 10 seconds, the device will vibrate, then the blue light will turn steady when ready.

Q5: How to clean TOKER eStraw?
- Quick Clean:
The easiest way to clean the inhalco toker estraw is to insert a Q-tip inside of the heating coil to absorb the left-over content.

- Deep Clean:
However, with time and use, the device might get clogged or smelly. Here’s a way to give your inhalco estraw a deep cleaning to restore it to its best state.
Step1. Allow the device to cool down before cleaning.

Step2. Unscrew 3 detachable parts ( 2 on the tip and 1 mouthpiece ), Pull out the heating tip and the air-path tube.

Step3. Fill a container with isopropyl alcohol (91% recommend) and submerge these parts ( Not including the heating tip) in the solution for 20 minutes. This should remove the sticky left-over content. Use Q-tip to clean these parts after. You can insert the Q-tip inside the air-path tube.

Step4. To clean the main body and the heating tip of the device, dip a Q-tip in isopropyl alcohol and use it to remove the leftover contents.

Step5. Let the device stand until it dries out before using.

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