Pack Science 25mm/30mm Axial Style Clear Joint Quartz Banger Enail

Coil/Nail Diameter
Joint Size
Joint Type

Pack Science 25mm/30mm Axial Style Clear Joint Quartz Banger Enail

-Made for the axial style heating coil- 
(It will also fit on a 10mm flat heating coil) 
1x Quartz Banger Nail 
1x Metal Pin (to secure to coil) 
Coil/Nail Diameter Sizes: 25mm, 30mm 
Rig Joint Sizes: 10mm, 14mm, 18mm 
Rig Joint Types: Male, Female Clear Joint 
NOTE: Axial Coil is sold separately here: 

Axial Style Quartz Banger E-nail, Quartz Banger Nail is far and away among the superior quality products in its class. This Axial Style Quartz Banger E-nail is ultra sturdy, easy to clean, and priced to move. This quartz banger nail is made specifically for the axial style heating coil but will also fit on a 10mm flat heating coil. Included with this product is a quartz banger nail and metal pin (to secure to the coil). Coil/nail diameter sizes include 25mm and 30mm. Rig joint types include male and female clear joint. Please note that Axial Coil is sold separately and both are available here at Discount E Nails.

Customer Reviews

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Joshua Lawlor
Great banger but you guys need 45 degree versions

Just like I said in the title... Give us a 14mm 45 degree banger and a 10mm one!

25mm Enail

It’s amazing. There is not anything better than an enail. Buying torch fluid is for losers

Great quality

Helpful for administering meds.

Quality Banger!

Definitely one of the better quality budget r-clip/cotter buckets out there. Super easy to clean, great durability, the price is fair and the shipping is far quicker than I imagined. Customer service is beyond superb and was extremely helpful and friendly with all of my inquiries! 11/10 will buy again!

Stephan Lammers
Nice work's great for party banger

Nice job keep it up fits really good on the banger