Fancier Double Quartz & Titanium Enail Case Kit

Nail Choice #1
Nail Choice #2

Fancier Double Quartz & Titanium Enail Case Kit

Nail Options:
Nail Choice #1: Titanium/Titanium Quartz Hybrid
Nail Choice #2: Quartz Banger/Straight Quartz Nail
(choose above)


The PID Enail controller box controls the hot runner heating coil. The controller will heat from room temperature to 710 degrees in about 3 minutes. Temperature Range is 0-999 Degrees.
The coil is rated at 100W under 110VAC. It is a barrel shaped coil with a 20mm inner diameter size. The heating coil is 59 inches in length with a black and yellow fire retardant sheath.
Please refer to the included user manual before operating.
The quartz nail bottoms are 14/18mm male rig joints. The kit comes with a 14/18mm female adapter. This makes the quartz nails a 4 in 1 fitment, which will fit most all rigs male and female.
The titanium nail bottoms are reversible for a 6 in 1 rig fitment 10mm/14mm/18mm male and female.
They fit most all rigs!


Kit Includes:

1x PID Temperature Controller Box
1x 20mm Heating Coil
1x Power Cable
1x Titanium Nail (2x choices above)
1x Titanium Carb Cap
1x Quartz Nail (2x choices above)
1x Quartz Carb Cap
1x 14/18mm Female Adapter
1x Case
2x Silicon Jars
1x Dab Mat
1x User Manual

Fancier Enail Specifications:

Voltage: AC110V -240V 50-60HZ
Temperature Range: Room Temperature~999 Degrees °F
Temperature stability: Approximately 5°F-7°F
Coil Shape: Barrel (Spiral) 
Length of coil: 1.5 Meter (5ft) Kevlar Fireproof Sheath
Thermocouple Type: “K” type
PID Dimension/unit: 3.5 x 1.5 x 5.0 inch (93x37x129mm) 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 80 reviews
    Jeffery Stevenson
    Great stuff

    Great work

    Jonathan Magriz
    Edit from a previous review

    I reviewed the product and gave my honest opinion that it was ok. Now I say that because my coil has been acting a little funny but after I sent my review the company has actually reached out to me on their own accord and are sending a replacement coil. I did not ask for a new one by any means but the person who reached out was extremely polite and professional. I've gotta say that's the best customer service I've ever dealt with by far. New coil on the way so I'm definitely changing my tune great stuff guys keep up the great work


    Love it

    robert adams

    Fancier Double Quartz & Titanium Enail Case Kit

    Jasper Parnell
    Great package deal!

    I have used this set up multiple times now and it functions flawlessly. I’ve had two minor issues, therefore I am leaving a 4 star otherwise it would definitely be 5. The insulation on the wiring for the heating element began to come unraveled but I just hit it with a couple of wraps of electrical tape and it’s been good to go. The quartz banger i received is a little too big for the heater coil. It will go on there but it takes a good bit of twisting and starting it just at the right spot. Both of these were just minor inconveniences for the ability to do lower temp dabs without having to use a torch and timer. The temp shown is always within 10-15 degrees of what I get with a thermometer so I am very pleased with this purchase.