Fancier Double Quartz & Titanium Enail Case Kit

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robert adams

Fancier Double Quartz & Titanium Enail Case Kit

Jasper Parnell
Great package deal!

I have used this set up multiple times now and it functions flawlessly. I’ve had two minor issues, therefore I am leaving a 4 star otherwise it would definitely be 5. The insulation on the wiring for the heating element began to come unraveled but I just hit it with a couple of wraps of electrical tape and it’s been good to go. The quartz banger i received is a little too big for the heater coil. It will go on there but it takes a good bit of twisting and starting it just at the right spot. Both of these were just minor inconveniences for the ability to do lower temp dabs without having to use a torch and timer. The temp shown is always within 10-15 degrees of what I get with a thermometer so I am very pleased with this purchase.

Amy Floyd
Great Product

Enjoyed every session so far, and there has been a lot of sessions lol!!! Would recommend to any connoisseur or new to the lifestyle consumer, Product comes as described and quick. Packaged well and discrete. Keep up the good work guys.

Pedro Cruz

Fancier Double Quartz & Titanium Enail Case Kit

Nick Oldham

Been using every single day since I got it.
Most days 10+ sessions, because I have a problem, but it ain't this enail!