Fancier Double Quartz & Titanium Enail Case Kit

Nail Choice #1
Nail Choice #2

Fancier Double Quartz & Titanium Enail Case Kit

Nail Options: 
Nail Choice #1: Titanium/Titanium Quartz Hybrid 
Nail Choice #2: Quartz Banger/Straight Quartz Nail 
(choose above) 


The PID Enail controller box controls the hot runner heating coil. The controller will heat from room temperature to 710 degrees in about 2 minutes.
Temperature Range is 0-999 Degrees. 
The coil is rated at 100W under 110VAC. It is a barrel shaped coil with a 20mm inner diameter size. The heating coil is 59 inches in length with a black and yellow fire retardant sheath. 

Please refer to the included user manual before operating. 

The quartz nail bottoms are 14/18mm male rig joints. The kit comes with a 14/18mm female adapter. This makes the quartz nails a 4 in 1 fitment, which will fit most all rigs male and female. 

The titanium nail bottoms are reversible for a 6 in 1 rig fitment 10mm/14mm/18mm male and female. 

The nails fit most all rig joints on the market! 
Kit Includes: 
1x PID Temperature Controller Box 
1x 20mm Heating Coil 
1x Power Cable 
1x Titanium Nail (2x choices above) 
1x Titanium Carb Cap 
1x Quartz Nail (2x choices above) 
1x Quartz Carb Cap 
1x 14/18mm Female Adapter 
1x Case 
2x Silicon Jars 
1x Dab Mat 
1x User Manual 
Fancier Enail Specifications: 
Voltage: AC110V -240V 50-60HZ 
Temperature Range: Room Temperature~999 Degrees °F 
Temperature stability: Approximately 5°F-7°F 
Coil Shape: Barrel (Spiral)  
Length of coil: 1.5 Meter (5ft) Kevlar Fireproof Sheath 
Thermocouple Type: “K” type 
PID Dimension/unit: 3.5 x 1.5 x 5.0 inch (93x37x129mm)  
1 Year Warranty on Controller Box | 90 Days On heating Coil


Hey there, fancy pants – take a look at our Quartz and Titanium E-nail Case Kit for those looking to take care of their hardware and make a stylish statement simultaneously. The Fancier Double Quartz & Titanium E-nail Case Kit is made of stern stuff for lasting and continuous use. Featuring a PID E-nail controller box that controls the hot runner heating coil and fits most rigs under the sun. Choose from Quartz Banger/Straight Quartz Nail and Titanium/Titanium Quartz Hybrid for your distinct needs. Controller heats from room temp to 710 degrees in 3 minutes. The coil comes rated at 100W under 110VAC. A must-have for advanced dabbing.

    Customer Reviews

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    Jade R

    This works so well for my at home setup. I just wish the cord was a little longer.

    Andre C
    First enail and it works but seems to have some serious issues

    So I've been dabbing for a while and finally wanted to get an eNail for better, more precise temperature control. I'm on a budget right now and after research ended up picking up this Fancier kit because it came with a coil, controller, and 2 bangers with caps. I got the titanium and straight quartz.

    For the control box and coil, they seem sturdy and pretty well made. However, I question if the coil is heating evenly as I seem to have to set the temp 100+ degrees above desired temperature, and am still having pretty middling results. A cheap IR thermometer suggests the dish is not getting anywhere near as hot as it should be, but I don't know if its the coil having cold spots or just poor fit due to the bangers being somewhat poorly made (esp the quartz one). Trying to do lower temp dabs seems completely pointless as I get very little vapor and due to poorly designed quartz I can't even clean out the reclaim properly.

    As for the bangers, the Titanium one seems to work OK (although the coil seems to not sit flush on it, and one side doesn't seem to heat properly because of this) but the straight quartz banger is practically unusable. It's designed so there's a center raised hole with an outer dish; you melt the product against the outer wall and it's supposed to drip into the recess so the vapor is sucked through the center hole when capped. However, the center hole is deep in the dish, and it is so off-center that one side you can get a q-tip in, and the opposite side you can't even get the stick of the q-tip in. As such, for one it's very hard to get a dab into the dish without dripping some down the hole, clogging/wasting/sucking it into the glassware. Due to the center pillar being very uneven, it heats very unevenly and product gets stuck/clogged in the "thin" part and you can't really get anything in there to clean it, so after a few dabs you get black crusty crap in the thin side that is almost impossible to get out, and dabs taste bad and don't vaporize evenly. Very disappointed and considering going back to butane, as I really don't want to blow more money than I already have on this. I like the concept but not super thrilled with the results.

    E nail

    Great product

    Nikki Benz
    Just what I was looking for

    This rig is perfect for my excessive dab taking. I hate rigs that I have to continuously heat up on and off with a torch or by pressing a button. Enails that plug into the wall supply the best high with the least amount of maintenance. I really liked the quality of the enail and I like the on off is a button instead of a switch. I also like that both of the cords are coming out of one end instead of one from the front and one from the back. Overall I would buy this again, especially for the price.

    Dustin Simpson

    Great new toys to play with and learn.