Greenlightvapes G9 Temperature Sensor & Dab Cutting Tool


Greenlightvapes G9 Temperature Sensor & Dab Cutting Tool


Laser/infrared thermometers are inaccurate when measuring quartz and titanium surfaces (reflects off those surfaces differently). With this special probe style temperature sensor, you can measure the actual surface temperature of your nail, for a more accurate reading. Simply place the temperature probe on the nail surface. This sensor works for torch nails and electric nails. An e-nail display temperature is measured inside the thermocouple, which is inside the coil. The actual e-nail surface temperature in the nail's bucket will be lower than the display reading. This probe is great for getting a precise exact measurement. 


The other end of the device features a heated concentrate cutting and dab tool.  


Technical specifications:
*Battery capacity: 180mAh
*Working time: 10S
-Press button 3 times to power on the battery. Digital screen shows: Real time temp and battery level
-Press button 2 times to switch temp format between Fahrenheit(F) and Celsius(C)
1)Real time temp sensor:
-Shows the actual Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature number on the screen
Button Color:
-Blue: 540F(282C) or less
-Green: 540F-600F (282C--316C)
-Red: 600 F(316C) or above
2)Heated Cutting/Dab Tool:
-Easily cut or load concentrates without burning or vaporizing
-Hold button to heat up the cutting/dab tool


Kit includes:
1 Battery w/Digital display
1 Temp sensor
1 Cutter
1 USB charging cable
1 User manual
1 Gift box

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Borkowski

Greenlightvapes G9 Temperature Sensor & Dab Cutting Tool

John S.
Works Perfectly!

After hearing all the hype about the terp-meter, targeting the perfect dab tempature, had to get one for myself, but no way am I spending $100 for a thermometer. After shopping around, comes through again with a greenlight vapes version of the terp meter at 1/2 the price! That’s what’s up, been using it for a over a month, and well worth the $$. Also has a heated cutting/application tool on the other end. Perfect nail temp every time!

Roy Tait
Great Buygreat buy

For the price, you can't beat it! Lilove it, great deal, easy to use ke having ability to Not use the cutter if wanted, makes it shorter and easy to move around. Im Happy