Greenlightvapes G9 25mm Axial Quartz Banger Mini Enail Kit


Greenlightvapes G9 25mm Axial Quartz Banger Mini Enail Kit

The G9 classic mini e-nail is a plug-and-play smart PID controller. It is for controlling the hot runner coli heater. This controller is professionally built with an XMT-7100 PID and tuned. The Mini Enail will heat from room temperature to max 1300℉(Approx. 700℃)within 1 to 2 minutes with almost no temperature overshot. The Mini Enail also features a high quality 25mm axial quartz banger nail for optimal flavor hits in a matter of seconds.
The coil is rated as 100W under 110VAC. The cable is 5 feet long with a black Kevlar Fire retardant sleeve.

Package Includes:

1x Mini Enail Controller
1x 25mm Quartz Banger Nail
1 x Carb Cab & Removable Dab Tool
1x Power Cord
1x 25mm Axial Heating Coil
1x User Manual
1x Product Box

Key Features:

    • Precise temperature control
      • Small, durable, and easy to use
        • Optimal flavor hits with the quartz banger nail
          • Temperature range of 0F-999F
            • Stable temperature with a +/-5F variance
              • Heats up faster with a 30 second warmup


                Product Name:G9 Micro Enail
                Application: Concentrates
                Material: Metal/Quartz
                Color: Black
                Heating coil size: 25mm
                Temperature:0~999 degree C
                Company: Greenlightvapes (G9)
                1 Year warranty on controller box | 90 days on heating coil

                Professional parameters

                Resistance Wire:Ni Cr 80-20
                Wattage Tolerance:+ 10% (+ 5%)
                Resistance Tolerance:+ 10% (+ 5%)
                Insulation:> 5 M W
                Unheated Length:35mm (Standard)
                Thermocouple:J type (Standard) or K type
                Die Electrical Strength:800V A/C
                Maximum Sheath Temperature: 999 Degrees C


                Customer Reviews

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                Teddy Cunio
                5 stars is correct

                After a month of owning it, it is in the same condition (sub a couple scratches because one me) as I got it, along with this it works the same as the first dab I took after fully breaking it in. None of the glass has broken and none of the wires have been damaged.