Greenlightvapes G9 Clean Pen V2

Color: Black

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Greenlightvapes G9 Clean Pen V2

G9 Clean Pen V2 is a dual function variable power and three-level temperature adjustment concentrate pen 2-in-1 with a bubbler for water filtration. You can add water for filtration and adding moisture to your session. Designed for dry herb and wax use. By changing the included dry herb/wax pods to switch, dry herb and wax vaping are supported. G9 Clean Pen V2 has a built-in battery with strong endurance, which is charged through the Micro USB port and is operated by a single button with an indicator light. When using the Dry Herb Pod, you can adjust the temperature in the range of 350/400/450°F; When using Wax Pod, you can adjust the power between 13/15/21 Watts. Last but not least, the device's body adopts plastic & rubber paint material which can bring you fine heat-insulation to prevent from scalding.

1. 2 in 1 Vaporizer Pen for Herb & Wax
2. Changeable Dry Herb/Wax pod, supports dry herb/wax vaping
3. Adjustable Temperature: 180/200/220°C (Using Dry Herb Pod)
4. Adjustable Power: 13/15/21W (Using Wax Pod)
5. With a glass globe bubbler, to filter the vapor and provide pure flavor
6. Good heat insulation material to prevent burns
7. Adjustable Airflow

Technical Data:
Size:φ22.0mm x 208.5mm
Temperature Range:180/200/220°C (Using Dry Herb Pod)
Power Range:13/15/21W(Using Wax Pod)
Colors:Black, Blue, Gray, Green

Package Includes:
1 x Clean Pen V2 Body
1 x Wax Atomizer
1 x Dry Herb Atomizer
1 x Atomizer Cover
1 x Loading Tool
1 x Brush Toal
1 x Glass Attachment
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Gift Box

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