Greenlightvapes G9 Tick 25mm Axial Quartz Banger Kit


Greenlightvapes G9 Tick Kit 25mm Axial Quartz Banger


The Tick Enail kit features the industry's only timing function, which keeps consumers much safer for daily dabbers. The Tick Enail also features a high quality 25mm axial quartz banger nail for optimal flavor hits in a matter of seconds. Its real-time temp control allows the device to reach a varying temp range of 0F-999F. The oversized HD display makes reading and changing temp much easier. Small(4.3" tall by 2.0" wide), durable and easy to use.

Package Includes:

1x Tick Enail Controller
1x 25mm Quartz Banger Nail
1 x Carb Cab & Removable Dab Tool
1x Power Cord
1x 25mm Axial Heating Coil
1x User Manual
1x Product Box


Key Features:

    • Precise temperature control
      • Small, durable, and easy to use
        • Optimal flavor hits with the quartz banger nail
          • Temperature range of 0F-999F
            • Stable temperature with a +/-5F variance
              • Heats up faster with a 30 second warmup
                • User set timer function (automatic power off)

                Product Name:G9 Tick Enail
                Application: Concentrates
                Material: Metal/Quartz
                Color: Black
                Heating coil size: 25mm
                Temperature:0~999 degree C
                Company: Greenlightvapes (G9)
                1 Year Warranty on Controller Box | 90 Days on Heating Coil

                Professional parameters

                Resistance Wire:Ni Cr 80-20
                Wattage Tolerance:+ 10% (+ 5%)
                Resistance Tolerance:+ 10% (+ 5%)
                Insulation:> 5 M W
                Unheated Length:35mm (Standard)
                Thermocouple:J type (Standard) or K type
                Die Electrical Strength:800V A/C
                Maximum Sheath Temperature: Nine hundred and ninety-nine Degrees C

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