Color: Black



I-MAGMA E-RIG Smart Hand-held E Dab Rig

Combining Concentrate Wax and CBD Oil

Handheld and Portable for On-the-go

Removable Food-safe Silicone Diffuser

Easy to Use and Clean

Stable Metal Base


510 Connection

IMAGMA Electric Dab Rig: Stepping into the Future of DAB Consumption

Unlike traditional smoking methods, the Imagma Electronic Dab Rig introduces a revolutionary vaporization approach, redefining how you experience concentrates. Our innovative device adds a touch of novelty to your gatherings, transforming each session into a unique celebration.

Key Features and Innovations:

🌬️ Innovative Vaporization Mode: Bid farewell to conventional smoking and embrace the cutting-edge experience of vaporization. The Imagma Electric Dab Rig introduces a refreshing inhalation method that takes your cannabis enjoyment to new heights.

🥂 Toast with Vaporization: When vaporization occurs, simply remove the glass component and raise a toast with friends. Perfect for social gatherings, our unique glass-raising design adds an air of elegance to your sessions.

🌋 Inspired by Volcanic Eruptions: Drawing inspiration from the majestic eruption of a volcano, the design of the Imagma Electric Dab Rig captures the essence of this natural phenomenon, creating a visually captivating piece that captures attention.

💡 LED Light Display: With each draw, the Imagma Rig comes to life. LED lights illuminate the device, crafting a captivating visual display that mirrors the energy of your experience.

🌿 Versatile Compatibility: Whether you’re fond of cannabis concentrates or CBD oil, our device caters to your preferences. It supports both cannabis concentrate and CBD oil usage, ensuring versatility.

🔌 510 Cartridge Compatibility: The Imagma Electric Dab Rig goes beyond its own vaporizer components. It’s also compatible with 510 cartridges, providing you with additional customization options.

Elevate Your Cannabis Rituals

The Imagma Electric Dab Rig is more than just a device — it’s a declaration. It reimagines how you connect with cannabis, transforming it into a captivating ritual that’s both experiential and material.

Unleash the Power of Electric Dabbing

Designed for concentrate enthusiasts who embrace social enjoyment, the Imagma Electric Dab Rig revolutionizes the way you share your enthusiasm. Whether you’re hosting friends or seeking personal euphoria, our device seamlessly blends innovation and style, offering a smooth experience.


Package includes

1* I-Magma Base


2* Wax Atomizer

2* Magnetic rings

1*Type-C Cable

1*User Manual

1*Gift Box

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