Fancier Quartz Banger Enail Kit

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Awesome investment

I bought this because our family recommended it and I myself love it as well! The only “problem” I had was accidentally breaking the carb cap two different times but shipping was super fast and I got replacements within two days! And the second time around, they sent me an extra! Thanks so much guys! You’re awesome :)


This is my second enail, I bought my last one over a year ago and it lasted, I thought it broke but it actually was my cord, so now I have two I just have to order a spare cord from you guys!! Love the enail!!


Everything was great but the banger was faulty, however they sent a replace piece the next day and everything fit perfectly.



It’s a good product.

It arrived right on time and everything was in good condition. It heats up fast but I’m honestly not sure if the temperature reads correct. I could be wrong but it’s just a feeling. I’m also not a fan of how narrow and long the bucket is. concentrate will splash up high and then cool instead of being vaporized. I’ve also struggled with getting the middle of he banger hot so the same thing happens. Maybe these are just personal errors I’m not sure. Also the cap/tool broke after 5 minutes of use. Not to upset about it though. It was thin it was kind of expected. anyway I love having it. Ps if your impatient ordering things online I highly recommend the tracking app Shop. This website suggested it to me and I loved watching it lol.

Hi Ben, thanks for the 4 star review. We are glad you like the e-nail kit for the most part. The display screen temperature is actually measured inside the coil in the thermocouple. There will be a little difference in the actual temperature on the nail surface compared to inside the coil (depending on nail length, material, ect.)

We also offer lots of different nail options on our website. If you were looking for a larger bucket, we have 25mm and 30mm sizes. Also if the middle seems to still be a bit cold, I would turn up the temperature a little more. It is all personal preference and takes some dialing in. Thanks!