Pack Science Volcanic Core Electric Banger Enail

Joint Size

Pack Science Volcanic Core Electric Banger Enail
-9mm thick bottom
-19.5 outer diameter to fit 20mm coils (also fits 19.8mm coils)
-Arm/Holder/Rest for coil


Rig Joint Bottom Fitment Choices:
10mm,14mm,18mm male and female
(Choose options above)

Customer Reviews

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Harold Jones

Very nice piece, love the thick bottom.

Smh the first time

The banger itself was awesome, but unfortunately i forgot to change the bong water the first time i used it so the dab i took tasted like bong water. So i went to change the water but i didnt want to turn the enail off and let it cool, so i slid out the downstem and as i went to set it down the enail coil slipped off and burned the shit out of my finger which caused my hand to jerk which sent the banger flying, and it shattered into a million this is the second one ive bought. The moral of the story...change your bong water before you turn the enail on, or at least let it cool down first, and remember to stay strange but dont be a stranger.

Derek Brown
Level up!

This is one amazing piece pair it with the lava 2.0 or the g9 tick it’s absolutely amazing

pam fisher

Volcanic Core Electric Banger Enail

david hamby
Decent Nail

Great idea because due to the valcano core thats shaped like a dome, forces the oil to the outter edge where the heater coil is, kinda hard to clean but i did like it!!!! but the first one snapped at the weld on the 2nd use, and the second one's problem is the neck is connected to low on the bucket so your oil goes straight down the neck... if they could just move the neck connection closer to the top of the bucket it would really be dang near perfect!!!! But this company is AWESOME and will make dang sure that u are taken care of!!!!!