Waxmaid Honey Cup E-Rig

Color: Blue

Waxmaid Honey Cup E-Rig


Great flavor: 20s heat up after each turn on, pls load the wax after it, and double-click to engage the auto-heating function to get big milky clouds.
Honey Cup Atomizer GIF
Spiral air intake:The special structure of the atomizer allows the airflow to spirally rotate after entering the atomizer . Combined with the rotation of the quartz balls, it can fully vaporize your Wax.
Spiral air intake
Easy to use: Three quick clicks, allow you to access three temperature Settings. Green light is 450-550F, Blue light is 550-650F, and Yellow light is 650-750F.

Long last battery: Once fully charged, it can last about 20 seasons average.
Check out these tips to get the most from your HoneyCup:
1. Click the button five times quickly to turn on or turn off.

2. Waiting for 20 seconds to pre-heat the device before adding your wax. The quartz ball rapidly spins within the coil during inhalation, ensuring thorough atomization and complete use of your wax.

3. Click the button three times quickly to switch temperature settings; Green [450-550F] Blue [550-650F] and Yellow [650-750F]

4. There are two modes for heating, hands-on (Press and hold ), and hands-free (Double click to start automatic heating), this is also the way we suggested for miky cloud.

5. A Red light indicates the battery is lower than 30%. When the battery is lower than 15%, it will flash the red light 15 times and shut off.

6. The red light will also flash to indicate overheat protection.

7. If the red light flashes four times quickly, this indicates a short circuit. Check the atomizer connection in this event.

What’s Included
1 × Honey Cup E-rig

1 × Mouth piece

2 × Atomizer

1 × Honeycomb percolator

1 × Glass jar

1 × Cotton swab

1 × USB-C Changer cable

1 × Loading tool

4 × Quartz ball

Customer Reviews

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Waxmaid honey cup

This is awesome little rig! It gets the job done. I gave it 4/5 ☆'s because it doesn't stay charged long. And I have to charge it after about 4 or 5 sessions. But it's still a good price for a portable device!