E-Nail Heating Coil | 5 PIN XLR


E-Nail Heating Coil | 5 PIN XLR

Coil Sizes:
-10mm Flat
-16mm Barrel
-20mm Barrel
-25mm Barrel
-25mm Axial
-30mm Axial

For: 110v Box - 100w coil
(25mm and 30mm are 150w)
Coil size is the inner diameter in millimeters

See PIN diagram photo for fitment
Pin1: Thermocouple-
Pin 2 Thermocouple+
Pin 3 : Ground
Pin 4 Load 1(positive)
Pin 5 Load 2(positive)
There are a few different ways other manufacture's wire their E-nail controller boxes/coils. These coils don't work with every brand of E-Nail controller box but can easily be DIY re-wired/soldered.


The coils will fit any E-Nail controller box sold by Discount E-Nails, except the "Crossing" brand E-Nail controllers

-90 day warranty on the coil-


Technical Details
Brand: Fancier
Coil Inner Diameter: 10mm/16mm/20mm/25mm/30mm
100w (25mm and 30mm are 150w)
5PIN XLR Connection
Coil height: 12.7mm
Item Weight: 3.05 ounces  
Coil tube size: 3*3mm square
Resistance Wire: Nickel chrome
Thermocouple: K-type
Cable length: 51 Inches

Material: Stainless steel
Sheath: Fire Resistant Kevlar

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Brandon Keel
Doesn't work

My unit reads all E's, so the coil isn't working sadly. Going to have to return jt

Great customer service

The coil works perfectly, thanks to the wiring diagram I swapped and soldered the wires so it works with my unit, loving it.

I ordered the wrong coil for the Enail I purchased and they contacted me asking if I had made a mistake before shipping it, then they fixed the order at their lost. Best customer service!

Exactly what i wanted

The coil is a nice size, it plugs in perfectly and seems to made of quality material

Phil Whitton
25mm axial coil

It rocks. I have like five or six now. Works like a champ.

Michael Bouchard
Love it!

Love the new 16mm coil, fits my G9 enail hooked right up no problem at all! I also ordered a 16mm titanium/quartz banger and there was some shipping damage, the quartz dish was cracked so I emailed them, they got right back to me and sent me a replacement out the next day! Great customer service!